Steve Brooks Lecture

Steve Brooks Lecture

WARNING: Due to the hands on nature of this workshop seating will be limited to the first 20 PAID reservations.

Tickets are $20

The Lecture: Magic You’ve Never Seen by Someone You Already Know

Steve has a great command of the human interaction element between magician and audience and has a great understanding of the psychology of performing fantastic magic in today’s world. Steve offers an extremely different and unique magic lecture as his experiences in magic (and especially as the creator and driving force behind The Magic Café®) have given him some very extraordinary insights into our art. In other words, get ready to enjoy a special kind of magic lecture that you have never seen before and that will definitely be an entertaining time for all who attend.

What will you learn?

Steve’s lecture consists of two parts.

In part one Steve will be sharing his extensive knowledge of how the internet works and how it can be used as a marketing tool for magicians. This is a well spring of valuable information that should not be missed by any magician in today’s performing market. Additionally Steve will be sharing his anecdotes about The Magic Café®, what is involved in running a large online community and how The Magic Café® can work to help you as a creator, performer, hobbyist or magic retailer. He will also be sharing a few behind the scenes stories that will surely capture the attention of all who attend. This portion of Steve’s lecture is a truly unique experience.

In the second part of his lecture Steve will perform and explain some of his own creations straight from his professional close up act that are real foolers and very enjoyable to watch. These effects include his now classic effect “Free Fall” (The trick that fooled Larry Jennings, Michael Skinner, Aldo Colombini, Reed McClintock and others) plus card magic never before seen in the magic community. These tricks can be learned by anyone and rely on good presentation skills as opposed to technical ability. When the lecture is finished, everyone attending will walk away having learned something, guaranteed.


“Steve’s lecture was one of the most entertaining and informative lectures I’ve ever attended. I learnt so much about social media, paypal and the Internet in general that it really helped me grow my business. His magic is strong and highly commercial – and he FOOLED me!! I’d attend a lecture Steve was giving again and again.”-Paul Romhany, VANISH Magazine

To whom it may concern:

In August 2014, Norden and Gordon Productions produced the PCAM Convention in Canada. One of the talent brought in was Steve Brooks. Steve is the creator of The Magic Café® and we were honored to have him attend the event. Steve not only did a lecture, but also performed in the close up show as well.

I think a lot of the attendees were surprised to hear that he would be lecturing on some close up stuff, having type cast Steve as that ‘Magic Café’ guy, I think the members were wondering if they would be able to take some working material away from this lecture. Well everyone was downright gob smacked (to use my favorite British term), as ALL the material that he presented and talked about was high impact and not of the finger flicking variety. To say that the people who missed the lecture that night were disappointed after hearing the reviews? That would be an understatement.

A truly fantastic presentation, a fabulous entertainer, and one of the most genuine nice guys you will have the pleasure of meeting and dealing with. As an attendee of almost 300 lectures, 50 conventions, and a producer of over 50 public shows for conventions and magicians – and an entertainer myself of almost 3000 shows – I can guarantee that Steve Brooks is a great choice for a lecture, show, or convention of any kind. Just hire him.

Mike Norden
PCAM President
Ring 387 President


To whom it may concern:

I have had the pleasure of knowing Steve Brooks for many years. He is a very interesting, personable and knowledgeable magician who offers a very unique lecture. I asked my local magic club here in Vancouver, Canada, I.B.M. Ring 92, if they would like to have him come and lecture for us. They were thrilled to have him and he definitely delivered a very unique and special kind of lecture that left us giving him a standing ovation. I also saw him at the ‘Three Of Clubs Convention’ two years ago as a featured close up performer in the gala show (alongside Shoot Ogawa, Daryl and Jamie D. Grant) and Steve delivered some knock out magic!

Steve Brooks’s lecture is well worth the price of admission and his antidotes on magic and life will definitely make you think about our art! He also shared some amazing, original magic effects that he entertained us with that were pure pleasure to watch and learn! His stories that he shared with us were also more than worth the lecture fee as they were my favorite parts.

If you want to have an amazing, unique and very special lecture for your group or convention, Steve Brooks is the man to have!

Tony Chris
(Inventor of Haunting, Hampton Falls, Karnival of Magick)

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