Dameon Lecture June 15th

Dameon Lecture June 15th

Dameon, to most magicians, is a recently discovered prestidigitator, yet he is an accomplished entertainer specializing in manipulative magic. He creates visually captivating presentations working silently to the universal language of music. Dameon has performed for over 35 years and has appeared in numerous shows and revues around the globe. Featured at the 2018 S.A.M. National Convention in Orlando as a stage performer, lecturer and card throwing contest sponsor, and a recent recipient Of the “Bill Baird/Neil Foster Award for excellence in manipulative magic at the 78th Abbott’s Magic Get Together, Dameon brings his unique, fast paced, fun-filled, interactive lecture to your group! He covers numerous topics in a lecture which has been designed to fit your club’s time schedule. Plus, as you enter the lecture”space” you receive several free items to follow along and take home with you at the conclusion.This lecture invites you to participate. In addition, if you have time and the interest, he also offers a two-hour master class (with a maximum of five participants), or private sessions, the following day for those who would like personal attention/ in-depth details on several of the lecture topics or your own routine, act, or show!

Who is Dameon aka Hal Meyers from Hal Meyers on Vimeo.

Here is the list of the categories Dameon demonstrates, teaches and discusses during the lecture.

  • Cards
    1. Rising cards … make your own … or purchase from me in the near future.
    2. A real fooler manip move … a difficult flourish I learn. from Howard
    3. A shooting card – stupid but fun
    4. Spinning card from fan – stupid but fun … too
    5. A twist on a D&D flourish – that I use all the time
  • Balls
    1. A quick basic roll and flourish sequence
    2. Several color changes
    3. Vanishes and reappearances
    4. Palming
  • Rope
    1. Simple Overhand Vanishing I.ot fa killer effect)
    2. Shoe lace – you should know it
    3. Threading the needle – you should know this too
    4. Over the shoulder knot – Iry Tannen
    5. JUMBO ring and rope
  • Thimbles
    1. A few simple moves
    2. The jumping thimble – Buckingham
    3. A NEW routine … A SECRET
    4. A quick than. to Joe Mogar
  • Doves
    1. The clear tails – pockets and more pockets
    2. The Chest piece … A SECRET
    3. The BUTTON
    4. Dove Harnesses
    5. Single Tail Vanish
    6. The Cressey Throwstreamer Packet (mine)
    7. A NEW Van BC idea … A SECRET
  • The Entire Manipulation ACT set-up
    1. Cases
    2. Cue Sheets
    3. Containers
    4. Necessary Items-Tape, Thread, Markers, Fanning Powder,Bags, Rubber Bands, Clips, Scissors, Ribbon, Kleenex, Towels, Music CD’s … etc.
  • Extras
    1. A new quick and easy to make Dove Cage
    2.  A card Castle built into a Tray – Specs
    3. The Skyliner

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