We value your opinion!

We value your opinion!

We are exploring reprinting the ESP Deck we designed, and we would like your input.  Originally we printed these cards for Duke University’s Parapsychology Department in bridge size.  Since researching reprinting them, we have heard they should be bridge size and as many have said they should be poker size.

Please take a moment to register and voice your opinion.  In the end these decks are for you!!

Thank you,


Please leave a comment on the size you picked and why!!


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Do you use or are interested in an ESP Deck?
Do you use or are interested in an ESP Deck?
Do you use or are interested in an ESP Deck?

Coming Soon
What size ESP deck would you be interested in?
What size ESP deck would you be interested in?
What size ESP deck would you be interested in?

14 thoughts on “We value your opinion!

  1. Mark Chiacchira says:

    I really want an ESP deck that is marked, easy to read, and includes a sixth symbol being the infinity symbol.

    1. Interesting ideas Mark!!! Thank you so much for your feedback! Again, Great ideas coming in and maybe we can implement them down the road!!!

  2. Joe Silkie says:

    Hi Joe,
    I hope you are planning to reprint the box too.
    Love my invisible decks I got from you they are the best.
    Thanks again,
    Joe Silkie

    1. Thank you Joe!!! Yes we are planning on designing a box as well. Since Duke University has phased out the parapsychology dept there will be a few changes but we’ll keep it as near to the original as we can without step on anyone’s toes!!!

  3. Steve Pullan says:

    Are there any plans to print them with the symbols in color? Two decks: e,g, all circles red, all crosses green,… etc with other color options for color changes etc?

    1. Thanks for the input Steve!!! Maybe we can introduce that down the road!!!

  4. Mark Strivings says:

    There are many routines in print that incorporate your classic back design and it would be lovely to be able to do those routines once again!

  5. Greg Wilson says:

    ESP tricks , routines, get great reactions from audiences of all ages , always one of my go to tricks in the ‘arsenal ‘ ! Any improvements whatsoever, especially easier to read from a distance, will be welcomed by all “ workers “ !!!

    1. Thanks for the input Greg!!! Maybe down the road we can introduce parlor or jumbo size???

  6. Gerry Costello says:

    Simple marking would be nice

    1. Hi Gerry,

      The simple marking in the original cards will remain!!!

  7. Tommy Collins says:

    I’ve used ESP decks over the last few years. Poker is my norm and therefore feels more comfortable in handling them. Sets of various colors would be appreciated. Thanks!

  8. Dianne Virdor says:

    I vote for bridge sized because poker sized look too much like magician’s props.


    If not too late , I’d say Bridge size too.

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