36 Tricks with a Fa-Ko Cards

36 Tricks with a FA-KO Deck

36 Tricks with a Fa-Ko Cards
36 Tricks with FA-KO Cards

When Ronald Haines published “36 Tricks with a FA-KO Deck” in 1962, there was no Internet or for that matter computers in every home.  Here in 2017 it is the first of hopefully many new offering for the digital age we have in store for our fans.  As you are reading this “The Best of Benzais” is entering final stages of being re-released as well as being translated into Japanese.


We also have a limited stock of Hard copies of “36 Tricks”  if you prefer a good old fashion book in the hands.  In the covers of this book you’ll find instructions on The Princess Card Trick,  Four Ace Monte, as well as Three and Two card methods.  Ed Marlo’s “A Twick As Wovely As A Twee”, and so much more.

Our final surprise for you is a limited quantity of FA-KO decks as well.  These Poker size cards were printed by United States Playing Cards for us.  Now all the cards in the book are not in the deck but enough for the majority of tricks presented, and who knows maybe you’ll come up with a good trick to be included in a future volume.

Stay tuned … more news coming soon!!!

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