Facebook account has been hacked

My 12+ year old Facebook account has been hacked.  I received a message from a friend on 4/6 stating her account had been hacked and she needed me to give her a code to recover her account.  I was suspicious, so I called her boyfriend and he verified her account had been hacked.  Yes, I should have asked if she was messaging me or could I talk to her but hindsight is 20/20.  Next I receive an email the email address has been changed on my account.and I am logged out of my account.  Much to my shock a multi-billion dollar company has no customer service.  Help center directed me to  an identify form where ultimately I’m directed to provide a photo ID.  I can’t imagine that a live person actually reviews this information.  It is not uncommon that a person goes by a middle name of which the photo ID clearly displays my middle name as Joseph and I go by Joe but it was denied for not matching.  I tried multiple times but it was denied.  I tried setting up an account and finding any kind of Facebook page I could post my situation to.  FYI: Mark Zuckerberg does not accept messages.  No response and today I log in to discover my new account has been suspended for not meeting community standards.  I hadn’t posted anything but one post requesting help to recover my 12+ year old account.  Please do not respond to any messages from my old account.


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