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New videos have been posted to our Roku, YouTube and Vimeo channels.  Magic Adams recently performed at the shop and performed a routine with a special message about bullying.  Earl Williams doing Rubba Dub Dub.  As well as a few clips from our Haunted Show!!!

After years of study and practice, Ray Magic Adams became a professional magician and a member of the Louisville Magic Club at the age of 14. He would walk on stage with a cane and a hat and pull cards out of mid-air, amazing onlookers who were surprised by the skill of such as a young man. Ray went on to perform with mastery very difficult manipulation with cards and billiard balls, making the balls appear and dance between his fingers. In 2005, Ray became of member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

Along with his successes on stage, he went on to create performances that earned internationally recognition being awarded first and second place Close-up Magic (2009) & 2010) at the Winter Carnival of Magic at Pigeon Forge, second place at Internationally Close-Up Magic Contest (2009) held in Nashville, Tennessee, and first place in Stage Magic (2005) and the coveted People’s Choice Award (2004 & 2005) from the Louisville Magic Club.

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