36 Tricks with a Fa-Ko Cards


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You receive the Fako Booklet with 36 tricks using these special cards, PLUS some never before seen gimmicked cards. Double face, double back; blue/red backs, blank face/back, mis-pipped cards, box face and more. A total of 50 unusual gimmicked cards that can be used to create your own masterful card routines.

Booklet gives you 36 great effects using some of the fake cards (you supply an ordinary deck). A great value for the card worker and trick creator. 

Please note: The orginal Fa-Ko Deck was a bridge sized deck (now out of print). The new deck does not contain all of the cards necessary to do all of the card tricks in the book.

 Some cards included you can perform The Sidewalk Shuffle, Princess Card Trick, Ultimate 3 Card Monte and McDonalds Aces 

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