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Harris, Paul: Close-up Fantasies Book I1980, Chuck Martinez ProductionsHardbound, 117 pagesContents:i Foreword by Darylii Foreword by Mary Martinez1 Double Decker: Red-backed deck removed from blue card case, card selected, deck returned to case, blue-backed deck immediately removedfrom same case, shown empty, spectator’s card on top of deck, card inserted in case, back changes to red.11 England’s Penetration by Don England: Coin visibly penetrates playing card, drops into spectator’s hand.19 Fantasy Aces by Paul & Daryl: The four Aces seem to appear one at a time out of thin air.31 Flap Jacks by Paul & Daryl: Flash appearance of the four Jacks.39 The Safe Cracker by Paul & Daryl: Three half dollars appear and vanish from within a deck of cards.51 The Dream Boat Dazzler by Chris Hampton: Finale for Coins Through Table Routine, spectator holds glass under table, magician has both hands above table, last coin drops into glass.57 Discount Deck: A “deck” consisting of one card is given to the spectator, card held behind their back changes to another.63 Million Dollar Mind Reader by Paul Lackey: Spectator writes down a name on a piece of paper, spectator then writes nine more names anywhere on paper, magician looks at paper, tells spectator which name was written first.69 Biological Vanish: A small rubber ball transforms into tip of magician’s little finger.73 Overkill by Ackerman, Emberg & Marlo: Spectator cuts deck, number of cards cut is secret number, spectator looks at card at that position, magician names card, shows written prediction of card, card is only one in deck with different back, packet of cards cut at beginning turned face up, face of packet also matches chosen card.79 Sliding Ink: Spectator initials back of card, initials magically removed and transferred to another card, then back to first.89 Traveling Triumph [A Trick That’s Really “Going Places”]: Deck cut into thirds, two thirds turned face-up, spectator remembers one face-down card, face-down third shuffled into one of the others, pile spread to show face-down cards gone, other packet spread to show face-down cards mixed in, spectator’s card missing, deck brought back together, spread to reveal only one face-down card: the spectator’s.101 Tuning Fork: Magician forms “tuning fork” out of deck, previously-selected card rises out of deck.

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