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This book is filled with 68 pages of information and photographs to assist you in the performance on coin magic. It is written by Jules DeBarros with a foreword by Edward Marlo.

Comments: Many B&W annotated photographs provided. Discussions are very thorough, including an analysis section at the end.


1 Foreward by Ed Marlo

Coins of Ishtar Part One

5 Prelude: the inspiration

6 The Coins of Ishtar: Two rows of coins, 3 silver and 3 copper are picked up and laid back out, the coins transpose.

20 The Easy Way Coin Transpo. One Copper under one card, One Silver under another. A penny and dime placed on top of the cards mark the locations. The penny and dime are switched, and it is found the Copper and Silver have switched as well.

24 The Hypocritical Coins. In the hands transposition of Copper/Silver coins. Can be examined at end.

28 The Coins of Isthar Meet the Chinatown Quarter. Performing Coins of Ishtar with Chinatown Quarters

30 A Utility Move: Showing “both” sides of the coin

Coins of Ishtar Part Two

32 Classical Coin Transposition. An in the spectator’s hands transposition of Copper/Silver coins

41 The Neurotic Coin: Copper placed in left hand, Silver produced from leg. Copper vanishes

42 The Midas Lift: utility coin move

43 The Grasshopper Coin Trick: Silver in Left, Copper in Right, Silver joins copper

47 Impromptu Grasshopper: As above, no gimmicks (back palm)

52 The Hammam Routine: A full routine at the table. Includes a penetration, transformation, and combination vanish and production.

64 Analecta: discussion of planting, rhythm, and theatre skills

67 Apologia

68 Some Last Remarks by Jon Racherbaumer

69 Bibliography

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