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First book of its kind-ever! Many magicians realize that one of the more enjoyable ways to earn a living in our profession is to work the Cruise ships. The eating is GREAT and you can see the world! You may die from over-eating but what a way to go! If you think you can eat the gourmet food on the cruise ships and still fit into your tuxedo, then this book is for you!
The problem for most magicians who desire to work on the Cruise ships is lack of information on how to go about it. Until now, there has NEVER been a book detailing how to get booked, the names and addresses of the Agents to call, what to take with you, what to do with livestock, what kinds of acts the agents want, what it should pay, etc.
Jimmy Ray, a working professional who has spent years-working Cruise ships as well as nightclubs, has been kind enough to reveal his vast store of information on this subject. To someone desiring to get into this line of work this book is easily worth $500. After reading through this concise book, any qualified magician with a professional act at least will know what he has to do and where to go to break into the Cruise circuit. If you have any idea of working Cruise ships in the future, then get this book so you can plan your future properly with this goal in mind. Thanks, Jimmy! ALL ABOARD!

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