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Tom Osborne’s classic “Cups and Balls Magic” is one of the most comprehensive “how-to” manuals ever written on this age-old feat. Professor Hoffman called the Cups and Balls, “the groundwork of all ledgerdemain,” and Houdini considered no man to be a magician until he could skillfully perform it. Concise explanations and over 60 Bill Hanna illustrations detail every aspect of the proper technique, including palming, passes, steals, switches, moves, novelty effects, production of baby chicks and liquids, and much more. Plus, Tom Osborne gives you his own complete routine and others, including one that involves no sleights. Introduction by Henry Ridgely Evans and a special article on “The Oldest Trick” by John Mulholland. New larger format layout, completely re-typeset. 42 pages. –

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