Incorporated Strange Secrets (Annemann)


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INSTO-TRANSPO – Without sleights or moves, two initialed cards changes places between the spectator’s and performer’s pocket in the cleanest manner. STOP – Freely selected card is lost in deck. Card is found at thought of number. MENTAL DOLLARS – Three borrowed bills, one is selected, performer reveals the number. NUMBER PLEASE – A telephone book test. POKER PLUS – Three hands are dealt. The performer shows his hand. The second hand is shown to beat it. The performer shows his cards again and now his hand does beat the other hand. The third hand is shown and again, it beats the performer’s previous hand. The performer spreads his cards again and shows he now beats the third hand as well. He drops his cards on the table. There’s nothing to be found! Plus, DOLLAR BILL IN CIGARETTE, Orville Meyer’s IMPROVED REMOTE CONTROL, and much more. 13 classic Annemann effects in all. 13 pages.

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