Ken Brooke’s Magic Place (Brahams)


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This is not a regular magic book. Rather, it is a remembrance of Ken Brooke’s Magic Place, consisting of a collection of many of the instruction sheets that came with products from Ken’s shop in the U.K. Not only did Ken provide thorough instructions for the effects he sold, there was often follow up advice, tips, and gags to go with them. Most instructions provide patter & presentation tips, and often a bit of history as well. Some of the articles are as short as one or two pages, but several provide very extensive insight into the particular effect. Ken Brooke’s Magic Place represents a mark of magic history from the brick & mortar days that are rapidly declining in this Internet and Video world. Realize that since most of the entries are copies of original instruction sheets (re-formatted and edited for clarity), many will not thoroughly describe the prop that is being explained. However, even if you don’t own any of these effects, this book is a great piece of history and you are sure to pick up some pointers on how to perform effects that you do own.

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