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Refreshing new things to say, do, and make happen in your shows for children. Be you a magician, clown, juggler, comedian, MC or just plain jokester, you will find strong ammunition in these pages to please your audiences of children and have them laughing out loud.

In nearly 300 pages, David Ginn presents a magic/comedy book of lists, all intended to entertain kids. Kidbiz contains over 500 items—jokes, gags, tricks, routines, and bits of business and just plain fun. The magic is real enough too. David’s Cut & Restored Neckerchief, Wander-Filled Card in Balloon, Vanishing Liter Coke Bottle and so much more, described and illustrated in a clear, concise manner. In short, you will not only learn from Kidbiz and use the show-proven material, but you will also enjoy reading it!

Gene Gordon, one of America’s great kid show magicians, remarked after reading an advance copy of Kidbiz: “Anyone who can’t get a raft of ideas and useful material from this book should have his head examined. Magic will thank you for writing this book.” Furthermore, your kid show audiences will thank you for entertaining them with laugh-filled material.

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