Las Vegas Close-Up (Harris)

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Description This book has long become a classic for close-up magicians. I have acquired a box as part of a larger deal and am pricing it ridiculously low. If you already have this buy three more copies and hand them out as gifts. Your friends will love you.

Buy Valium Ampoules 1st edition 1978; 150 pages.

Table of Contents

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Stapled! by Paul and Looy
The P.H. Invisible Palm
Invisible Rising Card
“The Hard Way”
Aero-Dynamic Dollar by Thomas A. O’Lenick
Gambler vs. Mentalist vs. Magician
Cros Twist by Daniel Cros
Paper Chase by Paul Harris and Daniel Cros
The Incredible Tap Dancing Aces
Looy’s False Count
New Twisted Collectors by J.C. Wagner and Allan Ackerman
Las Vegas Leaper
Korem’s Card on Tie
Splits Unlimited
Cardician’s Blendo
Interlaced Vanish
Perpetual Motion Coin Myth

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