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By William Mayoh. 1949 cloth bound 137 pages. Over 200 photographs with over 60 full page cuts. All of the magic within primarily for Stage and with an Asian flavor.

Contains the following effects and most include black and white photographs for the effect: The Wandering Fan *Rice Bowls Confetti and Fountain Effect *White Confetti to Milk *Quick Liquid Vanish *Cups of Pekin *The Light That Was or The Chinese Table Lamp *The Dollar Bill in Light Bulb *Chinese Snow Storm *The Chinese Laundry *The Thief of Bagdad *Coin Easel *The Cash Pot *The Inexhaustible Water Bottle *The Surprise Finish *From Nuts to Mr. Rabbit *The Chinese Phantasy *The Elusive Chinese Boy *The Ring on the Rod *The Ring and Rope Penetration *The Silk and The Egg *The Oriental Sands *From the Mouth of Fu-Ling-U *The Chinese Blocks *Coin and Silver Boxes *Ho Yam Rabbit Vanish *The House That Chang Built *The Ancient Coins of China *Ho Yam Bird Cage or Fish Bowl Production *A New Cut and Restored Effect *The Chinese Cinderella *Catching a Dove in the Air (Without Assistant) *Catching a Dove in the Air (With Assistant) *The Tube of Pekin *Flower Growing *Chinese Lantern Production *Table for Same *Type of Release Used *Chinese Foulard Production.

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