The Card Magic of Ed Marlo


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This three-book combination is a robust, impressive work that takes you, step-by-step, into a world rarely opened to the average magician. If you appreciate advanced, fully-finessed sleights, you’ll love the Anchored Add On; Filmed Chicago Switch; Marlo’s Spring Double Pass; The Arbil Change and the Revised Marnese Bottom Deal. If you like rock ’em – sock ’em routines, you’ll love The Sick Cannibals; The Money Sandwich; Female; I Knew That and Olram’s Updated Collins. If you’re a novice, don’t be afraid of Marlo. Beginners can learn and immediately perform tricks like I Knew That and Houdini & Bess. You’ll also be inspired to practice and improve in order to reach the next level of proficiency. When you reach it, you’ll have the right book on your shelf to consult and enjoy for years to come.


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