The Living End (PDF Download)


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Over 200 Different Impromptu Take-A-Card Trick Endings.


I Introduction
iii Foreward

1 Chapter 1 Neophytes Delight
12 Chapter 2 Transuders and Pergrinators
28 Chapter 3 My Crystal, Please
42 Chapter 4 Presto! Spectator Peregrinators
59 Chapter 5 Wham!
80 Chapter 6 Not a Single Revelation
90 Chapter 7 Not to the Manner Born
106 Chapter 8 The Last Word
149 Means to an End


This book is a gold mine of card revelations and ideas from great magicians and card guys of another era from:

John Scarne

Bert Douglas 

Arthur Buckley 

T. Page Wright

Dr. Jacob Daley

Ted Annemann

Jack Merlin

Stanley Collins

Orville Meyer 

U.F. Grant

S.H. Sharpe

Henry Christ

Stewart James 

And the list goes on!!!!!!!


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