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Bamboozlers by Diamond Jim Tyler – another bar stunt you can perform anytime anywhere

Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants – why we should all respect magicians who have done it all before and what we can learn from them – the word is RESPECT

Weight A Second – an impossible estimation routine by Stefan Olschewiski

Why Would You Want To Be David Copperfield? – Bizzaro asks a valid question and his essay is sure to provoke

Imaginary Circumstances by Joey Pipia – lessons learned from the theatre applied to magic

Magician’s Crossword Puzzle – print this off and have some fun

Alan Watson – A Lifetime of Magic – Paul Romhany and friends interview Alan and find out what makes a successful performer

Slip-Sliding Away – Wayne Rogers has a great card routine that is perfect for trade-shows

Divining Cards Book Test – An easy but powerful book test by Richard Webster

Scripting Your Show – a look at whether or not to script your show by Cris Johnson

Sound Advice – Peter Mennie continues his column on sound in shows – this issue it’s about speakers

Behind The Advertisement – a new column by Paul Romhany featuring a background story on advertisers for Vanish

Finding Your Fitness Secret – Leif David discusses the importance of health and fitness and shares some tips

A Tribute To Jaks – another great routine by Banachek

OMGNAACAAN – Oh My God, Not Another Any Card At Any Number – routine by Paul Alberstat

Bachstage – Illusions, Creativity and Performance Tips by Charles Bach

In Your Hands – Part 2 of the Jeff McBride Magic & Mystery School teachings – this issue is by George Parker

The Magic Assistant – Gwyn Auger introduces Melanie Giles and her background and feelings on being an assistant to a well-known illusionist

Lessons Learned – from the USA via Denmark Anders Hansen has made a name for himself and he shares some fascinating stories he has learnt along the way

The Jolly Jester by Steve Spill – Some great stories working with Bob Sheets – things you couldn’t do now!

The Day Everything Changed – Jeff McBride shares his views on the use of Video Monitors in performances

Stike Debt Magic – NY magician Ben Robinson writes about one gig he will never forget

Striking A Chord – Music and Magic by Lee Alex

Young Magicians Corner – Chase Hasty’s column for those starting out in magic

Magic Reviews – the latest products, DVDs and e-books from around the world

From The Desk Of Keith Fields – Part 3 of Keith’s work on performing street magic

Nick Lewin Presents – Health Tips for the road warrior

One Word Often Forgotten – Chipper Lowell’s rantings from a comedy magician

Witch Queen (s) of New Orleans – another great routine by TC Tahoe

Bag Of Tricks – by Bill Warren – a look behind a remarkable film being made by Kevin Spencer

A Sneak Viewing … Joe Gold shares some moments behind the scenes of a new movie coming out about magicians

Joker Mental – a killer card routine by Danny Archer

Pages: 154 – 8.25″ x 11.75″ – PDF Format

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