Visionary Card Effects by William P. Miesel


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An outstanding assortment of magic effects. This collection reveals creative thinking and new ways to achieve effects. Seven Chapters:

  • Impromptu Routines, ten effects.
  • Card Tricks Requiring Some Preparation, four effects.
  • Handling The Classics, five effects.
  • Tricks Using The Four Aces, three effects (no Ace Assemblies.).
  • Gamboling With Gambling, five effects.
  • Bringing “1835” Up To Date (See page 150 of Expert Card Technique), four effects.
  • Different Trails To ESP, six effects.


Chapter I – Impromptu Routines
(002) Under the Counter Revelation
(004) Hue Go Mo
(008) Alternative Finder
(010) Swinging All The Way Around
(013) Ambidextrous Traptych
(016) One More Signed Card
(019) X From the Middle
(023) No Choice
(025) From the Future Back To The Past
(027) A Quickie Grabber
(029) Supposing It Didn’t Work
(040) The Homecoming

Chapter II – Card Tricks Requiring Some Preparation
(051) Take a Chance
(056) Cloning With Cards
(061) Straight To the Eight
(065) A Visual Transposition

Chapter III – Handling the Classics
(072) The Open Prediction
(075) Commoner To Royalty
(078) Triumphant Indicator
(082) The Triumphant Intruder
(086) Thought Of Card at a Thought of Number – Method One
(093) Thought Of Card at a Thought of Number – Method Two

Chapter IV – Tricks Using The Four Aces
(099) Kings and Aces
(107) Going Down
(111) A Soft Hop

Chapter V – Gamboling with Gambling
(119) Black Jack/Poker/Black Jack
(124) Double Draw Poker
(126) Impossible to Lose
(130) Calculating Stud
(132) The Carnivorous Poker Hand

Chapter VI – Bringing “1835” Up To Date
(142) The “1835” Speller
(144) A Century and a Half Ago
(148) The 1835 Match-Up
(151) A Stranger in 1835

Chapter VII – Different Trails to ESP
(158) The ESP Experiment
(161) The Moon and The Stars
(166) Open Prediction
(169) Perception of the Pharaohs
(174) ESP Ala Gilbreath
(178) Gemini Perception
(181) A Variation-Gemini Quads

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