Subtle Card Creations of Nick Trost

Now comprising 7 volumes, this compendium of tricks covers a wide variety of Nick Trost’s work.  Hundreds of packet tricks and sleights are covered in nearly 1500 pages.

Subtle Card Creations contains a wealth of new material – effective and subtle card effects – designed to entertain and baffle spectators.

Much of the material was developed from ideas in a series of notebooks. Effects of all types are include here.

  • Coincidences
  • Hotel Mysteries
  • Divinations
  • Four Aces
  • Gambling Tricks
  • Poker Deals
  • Predictions
  • Transpositions
  • Packet Tricks
  • ESP Cards
  • And a unique chapter on tricks with a Pinochle deck.

Nick Trost’s Subtle Card Creations is a multi-volume compendium of card magic based on subtle moves and principles rather than difficult sleight of hand; the majority of the material has not been published previously.


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